04/11/12 Drumming and Tuition: Am I busy enough?

I have been working relentlessly of late. Drumming for 5 bands and teaching students 6 days a week as well as working part time loading trucks. It leaves little time to do fun things. Like workout. Or play games. Or even get to a karate class.

I’ve been having a ball getting around town with my Cajon and playing gigs with The Gold Project. So glad Hester asked me to come along and play with them! She even dedicated one of her very own blogs to me, check it out HERE

Rehearsals with the very metal band have been going smoothly. I’m able to let loose on quite a few bits. It’s going to be hard work to get this band gig ready, but when it does, it will be monstrous!

The Live Tribute band has a couple of gigs lined up. It quickly became a cover band and Live tribute as we realised booking agents know exactly what crowds want. Cheesy rock, every night of every week. Right?

Speaking of covers. delSanto has basically become a covers band as well. Once the songs are tight, it will be an impressive covers band. Not sure where it will perform, so I’ll keep updates here. Somewhere…

The Bondi Music School End of Year concert is fastly approaching. Extra rehearsals are being shoved in any and all gaps of teaching and extending my hours every evening. It will be one hell of a day and I’m sure I speak for all the tutors, we’ll be glad when it’s over!

Interesting photo popped up in my inbox this week.

I concur.