06/04/13 Drumming and Tuition: Return of the Drummer

I haven’t written a blog for quite some time. I really have been so busy recently that any free time I had was spent seeing a friend or more. Which needs to happen or I become a recluse!

I should be updating far more frequently now that I’m taking Monday mornings off work to catch up on extra paper work for teaching and the studio.

Last week saw the emergence of ex-Ugly Bitch band “The Death Mechanics”. We played two shows last week to great responses from the crowds.

I also played a show to roughly 800 people for TH!NK PINK’s debut show up in Doyalson on Saturday night. That was an incredible night. My laptop worked seamlessly as a click and backing track running Cubase 7 for the performance.

Mark Spiteri drumming

Drumming for TH!NK PINK

I’ve been busy searching for a suitable singer to accompany me for my solo stuff. The sounds and songs are coming together nicely. I really hope it’s not long now that I get it all rolling live again.

I wrote a small blog for the Bondi Music School website after I attended the Simon Phillips drum clinic. You can read it here.

I recently signed up to a casting agency as well. They sent me for an audition for an ad within 2 weeks of signing up which was very nice of them. I think they were as shocked as I was when I actually got the part! Can’t comment on it just yet, but I’m sure once it’s been shown I’ll find it on youtube and link it here.

I listened to an interview with Sam Worthington not long before I signed up to the agency. He mentioned his audition into NIDA and that at the time, he really didn’t care how he went. He was just there to support a friend who had their everything invested in that audition. His perception was, that his attitude of “not giving a f$#@” was what gave the people judging him, an indication of confidence. I tried to take that attitude with me to the audition. You can’t win them all, but I was happy to have a win for my first!