15/04/13 Drumming and Tuition: Keep the ball rolling

Auditions for new singers have begun. Offering money certainly helped to find some very professional and experienced people. People certainly do have different interpretations of music and how they learn it. The varied ways in which my songs are being sung are boggling.

I bought one of these bad boysintegra-7_front_gal recently. And after two weeks of fiddling around, I’ve finally heard a sound out of it! How annoying it isn’t yet compatible with Cubase 7! But the sounds coming out of it are immaculate. Can’t wait to use this unit for everything I have coming up!

The Death Mechanics just had a hilarious set of pictures posted from our gig at Sphere nightspot in Sutherland. Check ’em out here. There’s a great shot of me drumming in it. I’ve now changed my profile on facebook and twitter to it!

I’ve also been told I have been assessed and am now able to attend my next karate grading. I really haven’t had much time to get to classes of late. It’s meant my exercise has mainly been about getting my speed up on everything I need for the grading. I feel like my kicks aren’t as well practiced as they were when I graded to my provisional black belt. The anxiety has certainly struck me down. This coming Saturday will be a big day and will most likely be in bed by 5pm!
If you felt like checking it out, here is the flyer!
BB Grading 200413 col