15/10/12 Drumming and Tuition: New projects

So it looks like I’ll be drumming for some new projects soon. I’ve had a flurry of people ask me to play for them recently and I’ve all but denied most as I’m just too busy with everything else.
Ugly Bitch played a great show at the Square in Haymarket this past Saturday night and have another gig coming up this week. If you haven’t already seen Ugly Bitch live and have a Friday evening free, I highly recommend coming to watch the show, not just because I’m playing! But because everyone that has come to see a show, has thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And you will too! =)

Ugly Bitch Live

Ugly Bitch Live at the Square

A year or so ago, I was invited to play for a French music cover band. In doing so I met a few characters that I’m happy to say I’ve kept in contact with. One such musician recently asked me to play some percussion for her group. They’ve started getting bigger and bigger and are in need of someone who can keep time for them. Because apparently they’re shocking at it whilst they try to sing! They’re called “The Gold Project”. Should be a nice, easy, fun gig.
Amongst a punk band and another rock band I’ve been asked to play for, came a metal band. I was reserved about playing or even jamming because I didn’t want another band in the same vein as delSanto right now. After persisting in asking me to join, and offering to play for my solo project, I hesitantly agreed to have a jam with this new band. And I can happily say that after one jam I was very impressed and felt very at home with what they were offering. I’m yet to hear the singer and I hope he holds his ground.
Bondi Music School’s annual concert is on very soon. I’m spending most of my lessons teaching kids how to learn songs. Instead of how to improve what they’ve practiced. So if you’re a student (or parent of a student) and you’re reading this. Performers need to practice and listen to the songs more!
Jasmine and I are finding it hard to line up times when we can write together. We both have 2 jobs now. The studio is also getting booked out fairly regularly now as well, so working on my stuff with Daniel at The Lockup has been difficult to find time as well. I’ll be jumping on to it whenever I can!