17/07/12 Drumming and Tuition: A Lesson and a Flight

I ran late on purpose with this weeks blog as something special was planned for today!
I took a half day trip down to Melbourne to have a chat with a UFIP distributor about a possible endorseeship.
I should probably talk about why and how this came about. I went to buy a new ride cymbal a short while ago and did a blind test on a few cymbals. I absolutely LOVED the UFIP ride I bought and decided to message UFIP international to ask about their endorsees.
I received a reply back from the Australian distributor the next day and we organised a meet and greet to discuss what I could do for them. I had a play on a huge range of the UFIP cymbals and honestly they’re beautiful and you should try them out. Do yourself a favour and ask to try one if you ever go looking for a new cymbal!
I also had another drumming lesson this year with Chad Wackerman. He gave me a bunch of names of drummers to have a listen to and explained subtle differences in the way they play regular grooves. But most importantly for me, we spent the last 10 minutes talking about putting all my eggs in many baskets. He agreed that I shouldn’t dedicate myself to one project, especially if certain members show a lack of professionalism! He also said that the best attitude to have is “respect your audience”. To me, this means: Every performance should be presented and rehearsed as best as possible for your audience. There should never be a gig or performance where you don’t put your best effort in!
Sound words I think.
And now a shot from the flight back today!

2 thoughts on “17/07/12 Drumming and Tuition: A Lesson and a Flight

  1. Nice article Mark. The last part sings for me as a great philosophy for life in general. Never go in unprepared and respect your audience. Wise words. Cheers

    • Totally agree Mark, thanks. I should’ve mentioned it was the great Frank Zappa that gave these wise words to Chad!

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