20/08/12 Drumming and Tuition: Momentum

Another two weeks passes and I don’t sit down to type a drumming post! Whoops!

I’ve had another rehearsal for my solo project. It’s still sounding like early days really. Only a few songs have been rehearsed and in my opinion, I’d want it sounding a lot better before I presented it to people!

Radio INK have started rehearsing again and I wanted to speak about momentum whilst you’re pushing a band. It’s a difficult thing to get all the timing for everything you’re working towards linking together as a musician. The recordings and gigs and marketing all need to follow one another in a neat order that keeps people interested, without growing tired of constant bombardment or long periods of nothing. It truly is a business and Radio INK are certainly running a tight ship. I’ve got a few shows coming up with them soon.

I use my secondary kit with them. Kick, snare, 2 toms, 2 crashs, ride and hi-hats. As well as 3 electronic pads. It’s very different from my usual setup, but it is so much fun to play!

Ugly Bitch have already booked 3 gigs! Very much looking forward to all of them and I will be letting people know about it!

My studio, The Lockup is offering “Mates rates” in the coming month. If you’re after a cheaper price for recording, I’d hop on to it!