22/07/12 Drumming and Tuition: Rehearse more!

First rehearsal back with Ugly Bitch happened this week!
It actually went quite well without our bass player present. I don’t think Alex (the frontman) forgot a single lyric!
I also had 3 other rehearsals scheduled during the week for delSanto, the LIVE tribute band and my solo project!
The LIVE tribute band have released another DEMO of our playing, recorded in my studio the LOCKUP
delSanto has been doing more writing now that our bass played is finally back from New Zealand!
I had a rehearsal planned for my solo project this weekend but it fell through due to the bass player having a gig and guitarist getting the flu! Next week hopefully!
I spent a lot of time creating backing tracks with a click on a Saturday evening for our rehearsal. Kind of annoying, but at least they’re done for next week.
I’ve started taking an “easy drum course” for Anglicare in Potts Point once a week. It’s only 1 hour a week, but they’ve been impressed with the response the participants have given to it and wish to continue it. Good news for me too!
Luke (from Bondi Music School) and I have been busy trying to organise new courses for people to join in on. I’m hoping to get a drum circle of world percussion started on Saturday afternoons, rhythm courses througout the week and a drumming warm up class. Sounds strange, but I remember doing Wind Orchestra camps when I was younger, and being asked to participate in a 45minute warm up every morning on drum pads. It made a huge difference to my drumming by the end of the week camp. I know it would help all my students to participate in the class.
We tracked a band from Bondi Music School this week. They played two of their own songs and will be submitting them in the tripleJ unearthed competition. I think they’ve come up sounding decent. But rushed recordings could always be better!