23/09/12 Drumming and Tuition: The Ink ran

I had a gig planned drumming with Radio Ink at the Beresford on Saturday night and the plugged was pulled because the singer left the band. Don’t ask me why, I actually don’t know!
It’s unfortunate that I missed out on a gig because of that, but that’s the way it goes unfortunately. I was always contracted to play for Radio Ink, and given a schedule of rehearsals and performances. No decisions about rehearsals, song choice, or gigs were ever by me, so I really have no say in the singer leaving, and rightly so I don’t think it’s my business to ask why. It is their business to run!
Ugly Bitch is still rehearsing and has a couple more gigs booked already with more to come. Should be fun. Maybe not as much fun as the gig we played last week, where we played to families and I couldn’t stop laughing whilst playing. So much so I almost passed out from lack of oxygen!
Bondi Music School has a student concert coming up soon, and this time around, I’ve enough students performing I may not have to play myself at all! Very happy about that, as it means I’ve more time to speak to parents.
There are plenty of updates on the Bondi Music School and Lockup Studios websites as well, we’re restructuring so much of it all!
Because of my 4am starting job Tues-Fri now I ended up falling asleep by 9pm all weekend. Crazy stuff. For the first time ever, I woke up at 6am without an alarm and got so many things done! I wonder if this will turn out better than trying to work in the evening? Hmmm