27/08/12 Drumming and Tuition: Booking gigs

I’ve been booking plenty of gigs with bands leading up to summer! Finally getting out and drumming more in the coming months!

Radio INK played a “secret” show to get back into the swing of things just last week at the Brass Monkey in Cronulla. I think we performed really well. Always helps with a bigger crowd though.

Ugly Bitch has 3 gigs booked already and with the return of our bass player, we’ll finally be having a full rehearsal every week!

Booking gigs in Sydney has become harder over the past few years. There are less venues to play in and less crowd interested in seeing live music. Unless of course they’ve already heard it played a thousand times on the radio.

I’m certainly not one to go out and just watch bands play for leisure, and whilst others may think I should to support other musicians, I don’t think it’s my prerogative. I stay to watch every band that is on the same night I’m performing. And I do occasionally go see bands play when I’m not, but I’d rather not go listen to amateur musicians spit out the same mindless, ill thought out music, in my spare time. What high level sportsman goes to watch an amateur meet, for fun? Am I allowed to continue to have these sporting metaphors?

Recently I was forced to tell a child they may not be able to continue lessons as they were 6 weeks behind payment and almost 2 months late for a “promised” payment. Communication with the parent was getting nowhere and we felt it was necessary to let the student know. I was reprimanded, casually by the parent the following week. I understand the need to protect your child, but don’t lie to my face about your communication with a colleague about your payment, else I may talk to you like the child you are too.