28/10/13 Drumming and Tuition: October update

So I’m finally writing another drumming blog. It’s been too long.

I’ve had several shows I’ve been drumming for recently. Including The Gold Project, The Think Pink Tribute band and Joel Rafidi.

Hester Fraser fronts The Gold Project. Three female singers create fabulous harmonies and it is a wonderful soundscape to hear.

The Think Pink Tribute has a couple of shows left to see us at this year, including for NYE! It’s been a lot of fun playing with this group.

Joel Rafidi. is a rapper that tracked his upcoming album at The Lockup and is an extremely energetic frontman. It’s been a pleasure playing some shows around Sydney with him.

I have two other projects working in the background now. One has almost completed it’s first EP, hopefully to be released early next year. The other is still writing, and so far, beating all my expectations of musicianship and opportunity to experiment from a band.

From occasion I like to recommend that people go see certain acts live. One such act is Nine Inch Nails. They’ve just announced another tour for next year in March, with the formidable Queens of The Stone Age. No band has surpassed such a quality performance as NIN to me. Go see it!

NIN Tour

NIN Tour