6/08/12 Drumming and Tuition: Recording solo

It’s been a couple of weeks. Thankfully, I managed to organise the first rehearsal for my solo project I’ve been working on in the background for months! I’m still singing, but also drumming this time!
I’m very excited to say the tracks I’ve put together are sounding astoundingly good thanks to Daniel Antix my partner at Lockup Recording Studios.
We’ve recently upgraded the studios as well. So happy with the setup now! We also recently updated the Lockup Recording Studio website. Check it out!

Lockup Recording Studio Mix Room

The mix room within the Lockup Recording Studio Sutherland

In conjunction with Luke from Bondi Music School we’ve decided to put together some courses for musicians to join in on. The first being a Rhythm Workshop. This should be for any musician and will help you understand difference in rhythm that will let you work out other pieces quicker and write something creative yourself!
Other than the teaching I have every day and rehearsals 3-4 times a week, I’ve spent my time recuperating over the last 6 weeks and I finally headed back into the gym to do weights again this week.
I’m excited. You are probably not. That’s fair enough. =)