Need a professional drummer to record or fill in for you?

With a positive attitude and expert knowledge of recordings, gigs and different genres of music, you can be assured to get the sound and style of drumming you’re after.

For recording, Mark can:

  • Turn up without drumkit and play yours or the studios.
  • Turn up with either of his drumkits.
  • Record your drums for you in his own studio and send/give you the files on hard disk.
  • Create drum tracks from professional midi software, and make them sound crisp and life like

For playing, Mark can:

  • Learn your entire set from recordings you have, note for note. *
  • Rehearse with you prior to gigs/tours.

Gear List

Mark has played in most Sydney venues and is no stranger to larger stages as he has played the BDO.

Session drumming recordings, are charged at $80/hour with a minimum of a 3 hour booking.

Gigs are charged per gig starting at $300.

* Most styles of pop/rock/punk/metal (some speed metal/math metal/prog rock will take more time)

Mark Spiteri drumming

Mark Spiteri Drumming


Mick Pucar
“The first thing that my band unanimously agreed upon, after spending two back to back 12 hour non – stop recording days with Mark Spiteri laying down beyond excellent drum tracks for our first originals album project, was that it was difficult to imagine how a Drummer could be more professional, efficient, skilled (both in musical theory and playing ability) or capable. Mark’s work on our project was seamlessly in context with our tracks. If you have a song which needs a solid backbone……… Mark is the Man”.

Daniel Antix
“I’ve worked with Mark for over 10 years in both the studio and live environment. I use him frequently as a session drummer because I know he’s well versed in a huge range of styles and he get’s the job done quickly without any compromise in quality. As a live drummer he is the tightest and most energetic drummer I’ve ever worked with, not to mention the fact he’s a born showman.”

Currently playing for:

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