Spitster Band


SPITSTER (Mark Spiteri) began learning music at age 10 with classical piano training. By age 12 he was learning percussion and drumkit which allowed him to tour with the National Childrens Wind Orchestra and Australian Youth Wind Orchestra through Scandinavia and the USofA.

He completed a Bachelor of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, majoring in classical percussion.

He has played drums for bands through High school, Uni and since leaving, Including; Othermind, Epicenta, Hollafell, Damien Binder, Sick Puppies, Bryce Jacobs, Tripgauge, delSanto, Innertone, Wollongong Symphony Orchestra and Radio Ink.

Whilst becoming accomplished at drums he learnt how to engineer and produce as well as play guitar and sing.

“SPITSTER” is a solo project recorded solely by him in his studio with plans for gigging and touring in the not too distant future.